The Museum of Contemporary Art is a space where cultural ghosts come together in the form of human phenomena.
The ghosts enter into negotiation according to the time.
At the imaginary Museum of Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa, everyone is a stranger, except the ghosts: the artists are often exiles, immigrants or sons of immigrants, political refugees; the funders are princes of Arab monarchies from the Gulf countries; the director is from European culture background; the curators are cosmopolitan; the collection is built on donations from international museums; the insurers of the works are American or Swiss


Ghost is an idea, art is the essential of hidden idea Ghost is an identity, art is a feelings

Ghost is a territory. art is politics

Ghost is only a language, art is beauty

Ghost is a poetry, art is an attempt at immortality Ghost is a subject of art. art is an fictional object

ghost in art is a mechanics of sensations, is a dynamic of conflict. a past that will become an art, then a dynamic, an identity, a politics, an artwork, and finally a mseum story.




12 Mediaval andalousian Helmet





Youness Atbane


Aziz Nadif

Sound Creation

Zouheir Atbane

Production manager

Henri Jules Julien

Installation and technic

Rachid Latouri et Collectif Pixylone




the imaginary museum